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Richard Oppenlander

Dr. Oppenlander is inspired by the desire to help you achieve optimal health and provide you with the absolute best that dentistry has to offer.

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Dr. Oppenlander's Office Staff

Richard A. Oppenlander, D.D.S., P.L.C. -
Dental Provider of Southwest, MI

Dr.Oppenlander and his team are driven to help you look better, feel better, and be healthier.


Our Portage dental office provides patients with comforting neck pillows, warm scented towels, attentive team members, and the creation of your beautiful smile. We specialize in providing the best care that dentistry can offer in the most comfortable setting. Dental implants, comprehensive esthetic treatment (such as veneers, bonding, and crowns), and teeth whitening are just some of the many procedures we are experienced in diagnosing and treating.


Our team provides you with educational tools that empower you to make informed decisions regarding your treatment and dental health.


Dr. Oppenlander believes in the health of his patients as a whole person, encompassing more than oral health into the way he practices dentistry.


Learn why the office of Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander, DDS, PLC is the leading dental office in Southwest, MI!

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