Tooth Colored Cosmetic Fillings

Dr. Oppenlander places only the highest quality tooth-colored composite or porcelain fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings, our restorations are mercury-free, contain no toxic metal or material, and are placed with the most tooth conserving techniques. They are strong and durable and provide resistance against future fractures. The tooth colored material makes the procedure indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

For many years, Dr. Oppenlander has been our "One-and-Only Favorite Dentist"! In fact, my three daughters (who have grown up visiting his office) actually looked forward to appointments with him! Personally, I admire and appreciate his reassuring chair-side presence and that he performs even the most intricate procedures with compassionate, unhurried precision. He continually makes sure that you're pain-free and comfortable and ultimately smiling once again before you leave. We have the utmost trust and confidence in Dr. Oppenlander and feel incredibly fortunate to have such an exceptional dentist. Healthy teeth and brilliant smiles are priceless!

 Judy Acker-Smith