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Do I Have a Cavity?

What your dentist serving Kalamazoo and Portage wants you to knowcavities

It’s not always easy to know if you have a cavity. You may have symptoms like sharp tooth pain when you eat hot, cold or sweet foods. You may also have a cavity and not feel any painful symptoms. So how can you know if you have a cavity? Dr. Richard Oppenlander wants to answer that question. Dr. Oppenlander serves the Kalamazoo and Portage, MI areas to take care of you and your family’s dental needs.

If you do experience signs and symptoms of a cavity, you may feel:

  • Sudden sharp or throbbing pain to hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages
  • Transient toothaches or tooth sensitivity
  • Cracks, chips or holes in your teeth or fillings
  • Brownish-black stains on your teeth even after brushing

Your cavity is caused by tooth decay, the result of oral bacteria combining with the sugar in foods. Bacteria and sugar combined produce an acid which is strong enough to eat through hard tooth enamel and into the softer layers of your teeth, causing a cavity.

You can also have a cavity and not know it. Only your dentist can tell for sure if you cavity through the use of precise x-rays, laser-guided diagnostic technology and intra-oral cameras. Decay diagnosis is only one of the reasons why it is so important to visit your dentist regularly, at least once every year.

If you do have a cavity, don’t worry. Dr. Oppenlander can restore your teeth with a dental filling. You can choose from conventional metal fillings or tooth-colored fillings. If you have large decay and need a crown, there are many options to choose from including:

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal, both strong and beautiful
  • Full porcelain, the most beautiful, natural-looking crown material

Dr. Oppenlander also offers revolutionary same-day crowns with innovative computer-assisted technology known as CAD-CAM. You can have beautiful new crowns out of high-grade dental ceramic created right in the office, while you wait!

If you have a cavity, don’t delay getting your tooth restored. It can save you time, money and unnecessary dental pain. For more information about dental decay and other dental issues, call Dr. Oppenlander, in Portage, MI and serving the Kalamazoo area. Call today!

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