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Why Have a Family Dentist?

Family dentists offer expert dental care for your entire family. Portage, MI, family dentist Dr. Richard Oppenlander shares a few compelling family dentistreasons to choose a family dental practice for your family's oral care needs. He proudly serves the residents of Portage and Kalamazoo in Southwest Michigan.

What do family dentists do?

Family dentists treat dental issues in toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. Thanks to their expertise and training, they can diagnose and treat a range of problems that can affect your family members at various points in their lives. Family dentists fill decayed teeth, conceal damage with veneers or crowns, perform root canals on inflamed or infected teeth and offer bridges, dentures and dental implants to restore missing teeth.

Visiting one dental office offers a few important benefits, including:

  • Convenient Appointments: Just let our Portage office know when you want to visit, and we'll schedule back-to-back visits for your entire family if you wish.
  • Less Time in the Car: Chances are that your family's current dentists aren't located next door to each other. When you choose one dentist for your entire family, you'll spend less time on the road.
  • More Paid Time Off: Are you quickly depleting your PTO, thanks to your family's dental appointments? When you make one group appointment, you'll only need to miss work once.
  • Continuity of Care: Because family dentists welcome toddlers and children, your son or daughter won't have to find a new dentist because he or she has aged out of the practice.
  • Positive Experience for Children: Family dentists and their staff make visits to the dentist a pleasant experience for your kids. They understand that dental visits can be a little overwhelming for the youngest patients and create a welcoming, stress-free environment for visits.
  • Special Protection for Your Children's Teeth: During checkups, family dentists assess your children's growth and development and make treatment recommendations if any problems are detected. They can also provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments that will help protect your child's teeth from tooth decay.

Are you ready to make the switch to a family dentist? Call family dentist Dr. Richard Oppenlander in Portage, MI, and serving the Kalamazoo area at (269) 327-9332 to schedule an appointment.

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