Facilities and Equipment

Our office is proud to offer the highest level of care assisted by cutting-edge technology and state-of-the art techniques. We are enthusiastic to offer you the latest advances in dental technology providing you with an even greater dental experience.

Dr. Oppenlander reviewing X-Rays

Digital Radiography

This is exciting new technology that allows us better diagnosing and treatment planning! Through the use of electronic sensors we can capture digital images in less time with 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray units. The images are easy to be viewed and can be maneuvered digitally which results in enhanced diagnosis for you!

Intra Oral and Digital Photography

One of our goals is to provide you and our team with the most information possible using the best technology possible. In order to complete a thorough, extensive examination and treatment plan which takes into consideration all of your possible options, our office obtains intra oral and digital photographs. This provides our patients with a wonderful opportunity to view current dental health concerns as well as all possible treatment options. Our team can capture these images quickly and easily and present them for review at your very first appointment!

New Noiseless Electric Rotary Instruments

We are very pleased to be using nearly silent, hi-tech rotary instruments! Electric motor high-speed handpieces are quiet, run much more smoothly and are less irritating to patients. The reduced vibration of the electric motor high-speed handpiece is more comfortable for patients and provides a more enjoyable dental visit!

New Computerized Patient Educational Tools

Each private room in our office is equipped with chairside technology providing you with educational tools that empower you to make informed decisions regarding your treatment and dental health. This comprehensive educational program is used to explain and review diagnoses, procedures, alternatives and post-op instructions in an easily accessible manner.

Top State-Of-The-Art Sterilization Procedures Exceeding Recommended Industry Standards

All sterilization procedures are monitored through a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological techniques designed to evaluate the sterilizing conditions and the procedure's effectiveness. Our office uses many state-of-the-art techniques including all water line sterilization and 3rd Party monitoring services by the University of Michigan of our effectiveness to maintain and ensure the highest quality of care and integrity of the environment and materials that we use in caring for your dental health.

The Magnification and Fiber Optic Illumination of all Operative Procedures

Dr. Oppenlander is one of only a few clinicians who uses both the highest level of magnification as well as fiber optics for all procedures. This level of illumination and visualization is simply one more assurance that we are providing you with the best service possible.

Dentist examining patient

Our Painless Anesthesia Techniques

Dr. Oppenlander places the utmost emphasis on your comfort and creating a pain free experience….every time we see you, every procedure. This is accomplished by using precise, delicate techniques and high quality materials thereby reducing or eliminating discomfort both during and after dental care. Dr. Oppenlander and his team are very sensitive to the needs of our patients, and strive to make each appointment a positive experience! We are proud of the fact that many of our patients are referred to Dr. Oppenlander specifically for his gentle touch and diagnostic ability.

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