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We realize that you have many options when it comes to dental providers, so we are pleased that you have chosen us for your dental health needs. We are driven to provide you with the very best that dentistry has to offer today, to help you look better, feel better, and be healthier and to EXCEED your expectations. Extraordinary…defines what we offer to you in experience, knowledge, technology, and our dedication to your comfort and concerns. With every visit, we will create for you a higher level of health, beauty, and sense of well being. Any treatment that Dr. Oppenlander or his team renders for you will be customized specifically for you with as much information as you wish provided and all options explored. While centered in Southwest Michigan, Dr. Oppenlander has had the privilege to treat thousands of wonderful people. Many of whom have come from other areas of the United States and other countries that appreciate the expertise and gentle touch that he provides.

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I was 24 years old when my dentist told me I needed perio and gum surgery because of an area around two teeth that was extremely sore and tender for a few months. Nothing was making it better, and I made appointments to see another dentist for a second opinion, who also referred me to a perio specialist. After seeing the perio specialist, he sent me to an endodontist for a consultation before doing the surgery on my gums. A friend finally convinced me to go see Dr. Oppenlander for a fifth opinion, and within five minutes Dr. Oppenlander diagnosed that I had silver fillings in the area where my gum was swollen. He took the silver fillings out, put white-colored fillings in and gave me a mouth rinse to use for a few days. After a week my gums were completely healed. I have never had any problems with my teeth since, and I will never go to any other dentist since Dr. Oppenlander saved me from spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary surgery!

- Kelly Armstrong, 27 years old

After many years of struggling with very challenging teeth and doing and re-doing a lot of work with different dentist, I finally found the doctor who completely understands the whole dynamic of my problems and makes my pain disappear. I don't need to worry anymore about what treatments I am going to receive, I don't need to ask questions, I can completely relax and fall asleep in his chair because I trust his every move. It is unbelievable that after so many years and so many traumatic experiences and disappointments, I finally have found THE DOCTOR, and I have a new mouth which I enjoy!

- Elina Fedotova

I have always believed that my dental care provided by Dr. Oppenlander has been first rate. I have been a patient of his for many years. The new tools you are using to illustrate my dental care are interesting and informative. I have always appreciated the doctor's light touch and will continue to look forward to more years of excellent dental care.

- J.C.

I always thought I had an ugly smile, took terrible photos, and basically never "smiled. Then Dr. Oppenlander gave me a beautiful new smile and it changed my life. Really. Now, I literally smile all the time and am constantly complimented on how beautiful my smile and teeth are.

- J. Rae

As a patient of Dr. Oppenlander and his team I've received the highest quality of care, supported by the most cutting edge technology and genuine concern for my overall health and well-being. Their commitment to outstanding patient care has been evidenced throughout my experience at the practice.

- HF

I know that Dr. Oppenlander has always been on the cutting edge of dentistry and that he is a meticulous practitioner.

- J.B.

I have been a patient for several years and I would never go anywhere else. I have referred countless friends and they all feel the same way.

- J.T

For many years, Dr. Oppenlander has been our "One-and-Only Favorite Dentist"! In fact, my three daughters (who have grown up visiting his office) actually looked forward to appointments with him! Personally, I admire and appreciate his reassuring chair-side presence and that he performs even the most intricate procedures with compassionate, unhurried precision. He continually makes sure that you're pain-free and comfortable and ultimately smiling once again before you leave. We have the utmost trust and confidence in Dr. Oppenlander and feel incredibly fortunate to have such an exceptional dentist. Healthy teeth and brilliant smiles are priceless!

- Judy Acker-Smith

My wife and I have been patients in your practice since its inception. Over the years, all six members in my family have been cared for in Rick's practice. My academic area of expertise enables me to be somewhat knowledgeable about dental practices. I have found your practice to be both professionally and personally top drawer. Your staff has always engaged in a holistic care approach for my entire family over the years. I think Kalamazoo is blessed with many good dentists. But, as in any profession, there are those that stand out noticeably from the rest. Yours is such a case. You all do more than just get done with the job. You care about how the work gets done, ultimately for the benefit of your patients. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the caring decisions you have made on our behalf over the years.

- DD

I saw Dr. Oppenlander for treatment after years of inflammation, irritation and hemorrhaging in my gum tissue and I found that their laser therapy provided immediate improvements in my dental health. After a short treatment session and two follow-up appointments with Dr. Oppenlander’s competent and caring team, the relief and improvements were remarkable! I am a firm believer in the benefits of this treatment and I am grateful for Dr. Oppenlander's cutting edge technology that has restored the health and aesthetics of my smile!

- Heather Abbott


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